I hate what I hate, and love what I love

WIP December-25-2013
Final assignment for this semester, the deadline is coming up. I found myself in lack of motivation to get through it. So I decided to challenge myself a little.


And then suddenly assignments number rising

A lot of projects coming up, and I sorta want to do my own but then as the title said, that thing happened.
And then I catch an artblock. Sometime ago I read a post on a certain artist portfolio page it said: When you got artblock try change the tool you're using. After this maybe I'm gonna upload more traditional works, like sketches or even inked ones.
When can I be like this?


I hate college assignment

Actually I don't have to draw for the assignment, but It won't work that way. It's a storytelling assignment, character sheet to be exact. I can't say more because right now I'm supposed to work on game asset, and the deadline is 23.59 tonight. Time to work.


Meet Lynus

Finished faster than I expected. Here's Lynus. It's been a while for a shut-in like him to be under the sun. It's nice sometimes doing the background.


[WIP] Meet Lynus

Today's WIP is my original character, Lynus. It's a code name, haven't thought of something that can be used here in my country and unique. He's a shut-in cat lover bookworm that has a certain special ability, he can sense Anxiety. Live alone in an apartment in the city with his cat, Lute. Later he will find his ability can help people around him.

still red hair is pretty unusual here in this side of the world.

I forgot to work on a drawing I promised to my friend the other day. Looks like no sleep for me tonight.


Hard to maintain

I've been trying to draw everyday, but since there's no urge to do that... err...

Hahaha, anyway I'm still figuring out which drawing style I should learn more. Lately I've been focusing on soft shading, but cell shading is faster to draw.

But these days is so hard for me to come up with something to draw. I dunno, maybe I need a challenge or something?

cell shading FTW!!!


Hello World!

So today is the first day I started this blog. I decided to upload my daily sketch, WIPs and maybe some finished works. Let's get started then! :)